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Erosion Control Blanket

Erosion control blankets from 84 Lumber can eliminate costly re-construction of degraded and eroded slopes.
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Let’s face it!

Vegetation is what keeps it all together. Vegetation keeps our yards and lawns looking good after construction, and prevents the soil from further eroding. 

However, during construction when development is still going, it is important to minimize the impact of disturbance. A great solution to this problem, is the use of Erosion Control Blankets.

The purpose of Erosion Control Blankets is to protect bare soil, and increase stabilization while allowing vegetation to become established. These products can have several uses, short term, long term, and even permanent application depending on your needs and requirements for stabilizing the disturbed areas. These products are also known as Rolled Erosion Control Blankets, because of how they are manufactured, to assist in easy installation.

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The 84 Lumber delivery program offers superior and reliable delivery services. Our dedicated fleet completes millions of deliveries each year. First out deliveries and call-in loads are welcome.

Our delivery services include:

A nationwide fleet of professional, courteous and experienced drivers.


A wide variety of delivery trucks capable of hauling different materials.


Load scheduling expertise gets your order where and when you need it.


Stores can offer delivery of materials the same-day they’re purchased, based on scheduling availability.

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