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Erosion Control Products

Erosion control products from 84 Lumber includes everything from inlet drainage protection, to storm water management, to seed and fertilizer and more!
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  • Orange barrier/Safety fencing – Plastic mesh fencing used for high visibility area as a barrier
  • Dewatering bag/Inlet drainage protection – Geotextile bag that allows water to pass through while filtering sediment
  • Sod staples – Used to secure and install erosion control blankets
  • Straw bales/Mulching hay – Used to cover grass seed for regrowth or for temporary sediment control
  • Filled sand bags – Secondary sediment control used to slow the flow of water
  • Calciment – A coproduct of the lime calcining process. It is the most versatile additive for drying and stabilizing soils
  • Black Beauty Abrasives – Low-dusting, low silica, coal slag blasting abrasives
  • Crane/Access mats – New & used hardwood mats for heavy equipment
  • Gabion baskets – Provide short-term protection from backshore erosion

We also have many more products to complete your entire project!